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Wun's Tea Room & Bar, London

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£3.00 - £46.00

You're in a bar, or is it a cafe, a restaurant? Either way you start catching snatches of conversation. An explosive encounter between a waiter and pushy customer, obnoxious un-PC mutterings from the table behind you, an anxious hand-wrangling conversation about something monumentally important. "Overheard" draws on contemporary crises and challenges in the Chinese world, allowing you to eavesdrop on the hopes and dreams, private politics, and secret desires of characters from across the Chinese diaspora. 

This intimate performance by actors seated among the audience is experienced through headphones, as if eavesdropping, and includes refreshments according to your preference. As you experience the performance you can also treat yourself to delicious snacks and food from Wun's Tea Room. 

Tourguide headsets generously provided by Ours Travel.

Produced by Chinese Arts Now in association with York Theatre Royal. With thanks to Beijing 707N Theatre and Wun's Tea Room. Supported by Shoreditch Town Hall.




Monday - Thursday: 6.00pm

Weekends: 3.00pm and 5.00pm

Weekday matinee: Thursday 20th, 3.00pm


Tickets available on the door unless sold out online.

£16 (includes tea or soft drink)

£20 (includes cocktail)

£30 (includes cocktail and appetiser)

£45 (includes cocktail, appetiser, main meal and dessert)

+booking fee

ALSO AVAILABLE: upgrade your ticket by £2 for an Overheard + Augmented Chinatown 2.0 package: Augmented Chinatown 2.0 app (originally £4.99 on iOS) / Meet artists An-Ting Chang and Donald Shek at Bun House on Lisle Street from 7pm-8:30pm (Tuesday and Thursday only) / 10% off at Bun House on Lisle Street

Just add Augmented Chinatown 2.0 upgrade to your basket when buying your Overheard ticket.


Soft drink/Tea, option between:
- Honey & Rose Pu’er Ice Tea
- Hot Oolong Tea

Cocktail, option between:
- Wun’s Bellini made with Salted Peach Baijiu, Peach Puree, Prosecco
- Loquat & plum wine cocktail made with Godo Shusei plum wine. Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa. Loquat cordial. Chamomile & coconut tea. Menthe bitters. Fresh Loquat.

Appetiser, option between:
- Wok tossed corn ribs with crispy garlic (Vegan)
- Chilli sesame dumplings with pork and chives

Main meal, option between:
- Sugar skin Iberico pork char siu rice
- House soy braised aubergine rice (Vegan)

- Mango sago (Vegetarian)

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Wun's Tea Room & Bar

Greek Street



Written by Joel Tan

Directed by Mingyu Lin


Alice Lee

Jennifer Lim

Shuang Teng

Please contact [email protected] to discuss access requirements before booking.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions about the menu before booking.

Please arrive in good time to receive your headsets; the performance will start promptly and latecomers may not be admitted.

For best sound quality, we recommend audience members use their own headphones but headphones will also be provided on the day.


CAN Festival 2020

CAN Festival 2020 brings the best of Chinese contemporary performing arts to the public. From innovative concerts to hard-hitting drama, from arts technology to hilarious comedy, the Festival shows the extensive creativity of British Chinese artists. The festival will run between 3 February 2020 to 23 February across London. The Festival is organised by Chinese Arts Now (CAN), which produces and presents art which reflects Chinese stories and elements in contemporary and innovative ways. CAN is a registered charity and supported by Arts Council England.